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The key aspect of Wolf is that you must select your partner after he or she hits his tee shot but before the next player shoots. If the wolf has not selected a partner when the last player tees off, the last player is automatically on the wolf’s team. After each hole, the players on the winning team earn a point. In the case that a player elected to go Lone Wolf, he or she earns two points, and in the case a player goes Blind Lone Wolf, he or she earns three points.

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Going Solo or Partnering Up Changes the Bet in Wolf . On every hole, the side with the lowest better ball score wins the hole. But the bet changes depending on whether the Wolf is going it alone or has a partner. If it's 2-on-2, then the golfers on the winning side each win the betting unit. But if it's 1-on-3, the Wolf wins double or loses double.

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Player 1 is the Wolf on holes 1, 5, 9, 13. Player 2 is the Wolf on holes 2, 6, 10, 14, etc. ...

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How to Play Lone Wolf Golf Step 1. Toss a coin to determine the first wolf of the game. ... The winner of that toss then tosses the coin for a... Step 2. Alternate the wolf on each hole. The winner of the final coin toss tees off as the wolf on the first hole. Step 3. Each player tees off. The wolf ...

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If the Wolf chooses a partner and that team wins, they each get 2 points; if they lose, the other team gets 3 points each. If the Wolf chooses to play as a Lone Wolf and wins, the Lone Wolf gets 4...

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In a 1-vs-3 match, the winning side gets 2 points per player (the Wolf wins double) In a Lone Wolf 1-vs-3 match, the winning side gets 3 points (the Lone Wolf wins triple) If the hole is tied it’s considered a wash and no points carry over. So, no lay ups in Wolf, go for broke, ahem, well you know what we mean.

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Point Scoring: When it’s two against two, each winning player gets a point from the losing players. When it’s a lone wolf against the other three players, the stakes are doubled and the team of three can receive two points each from the lone wolf if they beat him. Lone wolf loses 6 points.

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Whenever ‘Wolf’ is called, all bets are now doubled. If the wolf manages to beat the best score of the other 3 golfers, then he wins double points. But if any one of the other 3 golfers (The 3 Little Piggies) manages to beat the ‘Wolf’s’ score, then the Wolf pays double points.