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This page covers the vocabulary and language of basketball by looking at its background, ...

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Basketball Vocabulary Word List (317) A) Ability, Accusation, Active, Advantage, Aggressive, Alternate, Announcement, Assist, Assistance, Athlete, Athletics, Attempt, Attendance, Attraction, Averages. B) Balance, Ball, Basketball, Battle, Benefit, Berth, Best, Body, Bones, Bounce, Breath, Breathe, Buzzer. C)

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Backboard: The rectangular piece of wood or fiberglass the rim is attached to. Backdoor: An offensive action in which a player without the ball cuts behind a defender and toward the basket. Bank Shot: When a player shoots the ball and it bounces off the backboard and into the hoop.

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Backboard: The surface to which the basket is mounted. Back Court: Area of the court farthest from the offensive team's goal. Back Door Cut: A player approaches quickly from behind a defender toward the basket. Back Screen: An offensive player moves away from the basket to set a screen for teammate.

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1-3-1 Zone - A unique and aggressive zone defense that relies on cutting off passing lanes, anticipation, and deflections to create turnovers and fast break opportunities for your team. 2-3 Zone - The 2-3 zone is the most common zone defense coaches will use as an alternative to man-to-man defense.

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Vocabulary and Definitions in Basketball. AIR BALL: This is an unblocked shot that does not touch the board or the hoop. The shot clock does not get reset once this shot is played, unlike a normal shot. AIR PASS: A direct pass to a receiver that does not touch the ground.

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Definition: something that is sure to happen or to be successful. “The replays of Jerry West jump shot at the buzzer, a slam dunk by Wilt Chamberlin, and a twisting drive by Elgin Baylor are presented in the I,P-T by Doug Ives.”. —Adv’t, The Independent [Long Beach CA], 29 April 1969.

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Slang and Common Terms Used in Basketball. Players in a basketball game are intent on throwing the ball through the basket by all the legal means necessary. In the process, they might shout terms to their teammates about different strategies or techniques to try. And of course, they may also engage in a little trash talk with the other team! Here are some examples of basketball (or b-ball) slang and terminology you'll hear players and fans use.